This simple trick will give you natural curls without heating your hair.

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She Places A Headband On Her Head And Folds Her Hair In. When She Removes It In The Morning? Stunning! This simple trick will give you natural curls without heating your hair.


Bouncy, shiny locks are simply stunning, but if you are not blessed with natural curls, it can be a trial to achieve the look. Rollers, curling irons, blow-dry brushes, hot rollers – you have tried them all and it takes a lot of patience and time to get the desired hair style. This young lady will show you a simple trick to get lovely curls over night!


This simple trick will give you natural curls without heating your hair.

Say goodbye to long hours in front of the mirror – once you know this technique you will use it again and again. Aunie from the YouTube channel Aunie Sauce will show us in her tutorial how to get curls without any heat. This method works best with completely dry hair, as it does not work if your hair is still wet from washing it.


First comb your hair thouroughly to get rid of tangles, then apply a sea salt spray, but this is optional.


Now put on a headband. Begin to tuck strands of hair back, adding hair as you go.


It does not have to be tidy!


Then repeat the process on the other side of your head.


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The cute look is perfect, if you haven´t washed your hair for a day or two! If your hair falls out of the headband, then wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Has your hair a gorgeous length, which makes it impossible for you to tuck all of it in one hairband? Simply use a second hairband – this will prevent a tangled mess, also it will be easier for you to tuck all your hair.


Tuck away the rest of your hair as shown.
That´s it! Go to sleep, the headband won´t bother you.


On the next morning, begin to undo the twists with you fingers. Start at the back of your head and untwist one loop at a time. Remove the hairband and comb gently with your fingers through your hair. You may apply a dry shampoo now, but you don´t have to.


Aren´t these curls simply gorgeous? Check out Aunie´s video here. Share this great tutorial with your friends!

Source: YouTube



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