This simple trick will give you natural curls without heating your hair.

The cute look is perfect, if you haven´t washed your hair for a day or two! If your hair falls out of the headband, then wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Has your hair a gorgeous length, which makes it impossible for you to tuck all of it in one hairband? Simply use a second hairband – this will prevent a tangled mess, also it will be easier for you to tuck all your hair.


Tuck away the rest of your hair as shown.
That´s it! Go to sleep, the headband won´t bother you.


On the next morning, begin to undo the twists with you fingers. Start at the back of your head and untwist one loop at a time. Remove the hairband and comb gently with your fingers through your hair. You may apply a dry shampoo now, but you don´t have to.


Aren´t these curls simply gorgeous? Check out Aunie´s video here. Share this great tutorial with your friends!

Source: YouTube