Modern Bedroom Romantic Ideas


Modern romances are suffering as a result of the quarantine. Couples that want to be together can’t be for their own safety, and people that already lived together before quarantine are feeling less amorous as the months wear on. However, there are ways that you can still keep the spark of romance alive in your household, as seen here. That is why we’re going to take a look at five romantic bedroom ideas for couples to keep their romances alive and well during these troubling times.


1. Make the bed feel extra cozy with layers of different material

The first thing that you can do to make your modern bedroom more romantic is to make it feel more comfortable. There has been a trend to make your bed look modern, but that doesn’t always transfer to comfort. If you and your partner want the room and exude vibes of sensuality, you should make the bed cozy with layers of a different material. That means you should start by buying some new sheets to make your base level of the bed feel comfortable. Next, you need to take time to ensure you have big, fluffy comforters, fuzzy blankets, and more. Neatly arrange them on the bed, and you’ll never want to leave it. You could stay in bed all day with your partner in complete comfort.

2. Play with the lighting to make the area feel dreamy

The lighting in your room has to be better than the overhead. It’s time to get some soft lighting and lamps in your bedroom. The goal is to make it, so the light in your bedroom helps you feel relaxed instead of shocking you into wakefulness. That means you need to take out those CFLs and bright white lights and settle for something a little less offensive to your eyes. Moreover, you can play around with adding string lights to your bedroom. These lights make your room seem ethereal and sensual, so you can put them on when watching movies or use them instead of lighting candles.

3. Get a fire going

Fireplaces used to be an important part of homes, but they’re not anymore. Still, there is something about a fire burning in your home that is utterly romantic. Not every home can add a fireplace, but there are plenty of electric fireplaces that you can buy and use in your house. Not only do the flames look real and help set the mood, but these products will keep you warm all winter long.

4. Install a canopy for your bed

A canopy around your bed makes it seem like an oasis from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. These sheer curtains give you an extra layer of privacy in your home, too. Installing a canopy in your bedroom is relatively easy to do with a little help. Your bedroom will look like it belongs in a mansion, and both you and your partner will enjoy the feeling that nothing else outside of the bed matters.

5. Decorate the walls with sensual art

When you’re trying to set the mood for your bedroom, you should not be coy about why you’re making it look romantic. Sensual art is not only pleasant for its aesthetics, but it can help the room maintain its air of romance. Choosing the style of art is up to you and your romantic partner. You can find all sorts of paintings and statues that go with your room’s color scheme and are just the right amount of fun and risqué for your tastes. Depending on your lifestyle, you can find art that is suggestive or rather blatant. It’s all up to you, though.

Making your bedroom romantic can seem like an impossible feat. However, a few small changes can transform your bedroom from a place where you sleep to a beautiful, comfortable area that feels separate from every other part of your house. Adding a few lights, putting up artwork, and making your bed extra comfortable is not only good for romance, but it will help your bedroom feel special. Of course, these are just some simple ideas that you can implement; there are many other ways to ensure your bedroom maintains the romantic atmosphere.