How to Choose the Right Dining Chairs for Your Home


Along with the dining table, dining chairs are the central piece in any dining room. Selecting the perfect one will create a cozy and well-coordinated living space. Most people buy or make dining chairs along with their table, but your chairs and dining table don’t always have to match. Whether you’re replacing old chairs or buying new ones from scratch, this guide will help you choose dining chairs that are both beautiful and comfy for your space.

Consider your dining room size

The size of your dining room should be the first factor in your search for suitable dining chairs. You should measure the entire room and dining table before shopping for chairs. Even the room’s shape will influence the size of the chair to buy and how many chairs you can fit into the room. If your dining room is small, select chairs with narrower frames or do away with arms.

Desired size and height for the chair

For comfort, your dining chair should fit under the table perfectly. This means the chair has to be perfectly scaled based on the size and height of the table. There should be a clearance of at least 20-30 centimetres (7.8-11.8in) from the top of the table to the chair seat and a space of about 6 inches between the chairs. This guarantees that the seats are comfy and guests can get in and out without hassle. Adjust the chair height as necessary if the table height is higher or lower than average. The chair width also matters. You don’t want chairs that are either too wide or too narrow and thus uncomfortable.

Think about comfort

Image Via: 1825 Interiors

Consider how much the dining chairs will be used. If you rarely have company or normally eat your meals in another room, you won’t need to splash a fortune on getting a chair with a very elegant design. Of course, you still need to pick something comfortable to sit on and complementary to your space. Cloth upholstery can provide comfort, provide a more opulent look, and introduce pattern, while leather is hard-wearing and wipe-clean but can be sticky and hot in warm weather.

Match choice with style

Selecting a style that complements your space is crucial when choosing dining chairs. The right style can bring the entire space together visually. If your home has a modern design, consider sleek and modern chairs. Chairs with a classic design, such as ladder-back or Windsor chairs, will be more fitting if your home has a more traditional or rustic vibe.

The dining room’s existing colour scheme and fabric patterns should also be considered while deciding on a design. Chairs having a natural or organic look and feel may fit the room’s predominant wood or other natural textures.


Selecting the right dining chairs for your home might seem difficult, but with a little thought and careful consideration, you can find suitable chairs that suit your needs and lifestyle. By considering these factors, you can create an inviting dining space that you and your guests will love.