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His LEGO Plans Are Incredible! You Should See What He Made With LEGO

There is no doubt that lego is the most popular game among children. Not just little kids adore it, but adults as well. What’s more, most of us grew up surrounded by LEGOs. It’s full of creativity so you should see the most amazing LEGO plans and what he made with it. It will leave you speechless!

Once all the children leave the house, most parents are left with so many LEGOs and they didn’t know what to do with them. Instead of simply throwing them out or giving them away, consider these LEGO plans. Don’t forget, not only are they grown-up-appropriate, they’re fun to make and will bring you back to your own childhood days.

What a bright and modern kitchen counter!
Don’t want to go all out? This tabletop is a bit more subtle.
Could you realize that this lamp is actually made from LEGOs? At first sight, nobody can tell it.
Here you can see that an even more understated look is achieved by targeting the legs of a simple chair.
 LEGO plans