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Amazing Garden Decor: She Creates Artwork With Shovels

If you have a garden, you probably love spending a lot of time in it. What’s more, you definitely enjoy gardening, watering the plants and so on. But did you know that you can make beautiful artwork from a shovel head? Let’s discover this breathtaking garden decor idea!

An artist called Denice Bizot,  decided to make something fascinating.  She has been rummaging through junkyards for the past 15 years and she collected objects that she can turn into amazing artwork. Her garden decor collection of sculpted shovel heads has garnered plenty of attention and for good reason.

Believe it or not, but this woman pays painstaking attention to things that typically get lost to time and neglect.
Her tendency to focus on found items has environmental and social implications. What’s more, her work also speaks to the nature of gentrification.
In cities undergoing the process of gentrification, refuse reigns supreme. When contractors and businesspeople move in, everything else that’s there gets pushed out.
 amazing garden decor: shovel head art