5 Benefits of Adding Millboard Decking to Your Home


Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Creating a perfect yard gives you a place to enjoy nature. Designing your space involves adding both function and style to your lawn.

However, these outdoor spaces often come with lots of maintenance. Countless hours can be spent staining and sealing wooden structures. But what if you could have the beauty of wood without all of the upkeep?

Millboard gives you that option. It’s an innovative building material with some amazing features. Plus, it’s versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

What is Millboard?

Millboard is high-quality decking molded from oak. Polyurethane gives it ultimate strength and durability. A resin coating makes it extremely resistant to wear and tear. It’s hand-colored in a way that makes it vibrant and fade-resistant.

The result is a stunning, natural wood look. Millboard gives you all of the benefits of the appearance of wood without the downfalls. It’s a long-lasting and beautiful option for a variety of projects.

Millboard comes in a wide selection of options. There is a choice to fit nearly every style or preference. From rustic looks to sleek designs, Millboard has a perfect board for your project. The wide range of color options allows you to create any exterior look that you desire.

Why Is It So Great?

Millboard is amazing primarily because of its perfect blend of beauty and function. Its the only product that can provide unmatched durability with the stunning appearance of natural wood. It is nearly impossible to visually tell the difference between a natural timber deck board and a Millboard deck board.

If you are looking for something that will look great for years to come, Millboard is a perfect choice. It requires very little maintenance and upkeep. No sealing, staining, or treatment is required. The boards are designed to keep their color and resist the elements. Also, they aren’t porous so they will never rot or warp.

Millboard is also an extremely safe option. It’s slip-resistant, making it safe to enjoy in any weather. The smooth boards are also splinter-free, making walking around barefoot carefree. Plus, their dense design resists the growth of any harmful molds, mildew, or insects.

Millboard is super light but also extremely strong. The resin reinforces the boards, making them resistant to any bending. The Lastane layer protects the boards from any dents or scratches in even the most active of environments.

5 Ways It Can Benefit Your Home

Millboard is a great material for building an amazing deck. It’s also perfect for a variety of other uses. It’s great features make it a great choice for projects all over your yard.

Beautiful Decks

Millboard can create stunning and unique decks. It’s durability and non-slip features make it the perfect option for building a great outdoor living area. With Millboard, you will eliminate the need for maintenance and have a deck that looks great for years to come.

The options that Millboard offers makes creating any kind of deck possible. You can install the boards in various patterns to add visual interest. With the wide range of color selections, you can create any look you desire. From sleek and modern black to rustic aged wood looks, Millboard offers boards in nearly every style.

Millboard is an ideal option for decks in nearly any environment. Its resistance to rot and slip resistance makes it great to create beautiful pool decks. Its ability to stand up to the elements makes it an awesome choice for decks and balconies in any climate.

Stunning Walkways

Millboard can also create some seriously stunning walkways. Alone or with other materials, it can make creating pathways through your yard functional and attractive. It’s also strong enough to be used to create bridges.

Adding a walkway through your yard adds both beauty and purpose. A Millboard path is comfortable to walk on as you stroll through your landscaping or garden. Even when it’s flush with the ground, the moisture resistance of Millboard will create long-lasting, durable pathways and walkways.

Unique Siding

Are you looking for an eye-catching look for your exterior walls? Millboard is an amazing choice for siding. It creates a beautiful rustic look that adds tons of visual interest and curb appeal.

Traditional wood siding requires a ton of maintenance and upkeep. It often wears poorly over the years and ends up looking dull and damaged. Millboard is an ideal alternative for mounting on the exterior of your home. It’s lightweight and won’t have the same negative downfalls of real wood. Plus, with the amazing number of colors and design options, you can create any look you desire!

Functional Furniture

Millboard isn’t just for surfaces! It can be used to build actual furniture. The boards are so beautiful that you can create amazing designs that look great both inside your home and out.

A sturdy, water-resistant picnic table looks gorgeous when crafted out of Millboard. Because Millboard resists stains, it’s the perfect choice for dining surfaces. Great, functional seating can also be made from Millboard. With its splinter-free features, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting poked when shifting or sliding.

Being both lightweight and strong, Millboard is an ideal building material for furniture. The color options make nearly any design or style possible. Plus, with the supreme durability, you know that your Millboard furniture will look beautiful for years to come.

Eye-Catching Landscaping

Millboard can bring your unique landscaping ideas to life. Using Millboard, you can build everything from planters to garden boxes. You can even use the same Millboard as your deck material for a sleek, seamless look.

Your Millboard planters will be mold resistant and long-lasting. They will be lightweight enough to easily move around your deck. Your planters will make a for your thriving container plants for years to come.

Your Next Millboard Project

The durability of Millboard is unmatched. Its attractive, natural-looking, and long-lasting. Plus, its low maintenance, a huge perk.

How can you use Millboard to beautify your home? Will you add it to an exterior wall or build a stunning outdoor structure? Whatever you create with Millboard, you know that it will be built to last.