12 Great DIY Gifts For Men Who Love To Be Surprised

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Everybody knows that men and women usually have different interests and  they want different things as well. That is why we should be careful when buying a gift or making one from scratch, for those important men in our lives. Let’s check out 12 great DIY gifts for men who love practical presents that they can use!

Natural Branch Coasters

All you have to do is to pick up a fallen branch, cut it in round medium-thick pieces and then polish them carefully. He will adore this creative gift!

Project Source and Tutorial – gardentherapy

Cute Little Personalized Mason Jars

 These small mason jars can be used to store toothpicks, candy or mechanical tools, too. Check it out and get inspired today!

Project Source and Tutorial – thinkingcloset

DIY Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are great for storing documents, money, coins, credit cards and business cards, but they also compliment every business man’s attire. Discover the tutorial below!

Project Source and Tutorial – themerrythought

Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser

If your man loves hard liquor, then he will definitely love this quick Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser. Don’t miss the step-by-step tutorial!

Project Source and Tutorial – curlybirds.typepad

12 Great DIY Gifts For Men Who Love To Be Surprised

Homemade Necktie Zip Pouch

If your man simply does not really like leather, then you can still make him an awesome zip pouch by using an alternative material.

Project Source and Tutorial – polkadotchair

Handmade Photo Bookmarks For Father’s Day

It’s time impress fathers on Father’s Day, not just mothers on Mother’s Day! Did you know that they have an international holiday dedicated to them? So they definitely deserve an awesome gift!

Project Source and Tutorial – simpleasthatblog

Paracord Keychain

If your man loves extreme sports, this paracord keychain idea will leave you speechless! It’s super useful, he can easily attach it either to his backpack or to his pants.

Project Source and Tutorial – stormdraneslanyard

DIY Chalkboard Mug

All you need is some chalkboard-patterned paint and a basic mug. Grab some stickers and follow the instructions provided in this tutorial!

Project Source and Tutorial – witandwhistle

12 Great DIY Gifts For Men Who Love To Be Surprised
License Plate Key Hanger

With this awesome license plate key hanger, you man will never have to worry about losing his home or car keys again! It sounds amazing, so let’s get start this DIY project today!

Project Source and Tutorial – kojo-designs

Cute Little Tin Grill

Check out this tutorial to see how to alter the Altoids tin in order to make your man a personalized mini grill.

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

Magnetic Wristband!

 A DIY magnetic wristband is a great choice for every occasion, be it a man’s birthday or any other special event.

Project Source and Tutorial – myalteredstate

Great DIY Wood Slicing Board

This wood slicing board is a great gift for chefs and other men who love to cook. What’s more, just imagine how cool it will be to serve cheese and some wine from this wooden board!

Project Source and Tutorial – manmadediy


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