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25 CUTE HAIRSTYLES FOR LITTLE BLACK GIRLS - Easy Hairstyles for Black Girls

25 CUTE HAIRSTYLES FOR LITTLE BLACK GIRLS – Easy Hairstyles for Black Girls

25 CUTE HAIRSTYLES FOR LITTLE BLACK GIRLS - Easy Hairstyles for Black Girls


When you have a lot of beautiful and curly hair, you need to style it often to keep it in control! There are so many amazing options when it comes to styling Afro-American hair! We don’t even need to mention that hair is just another way of expressing yourself. Whether you want to put it up in two buns or create braids out of them, you can show the world who you truly are with your hair! If you have a daughter or a younger girl in your family with the same sort of beautiful frizzy hair, then make sure she has a whole choice of hairstyle options to choose from! That’s exactly why we have collected 25 cute hairstyles for little black girls. So take a browse through our pick of easy hairstyles for black girls!


1. Two Braided Buns – Cute Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Are you in search of a super cute black little girl hairstyle? Then make sure to check out this hairstyle! First of all, you will need to create two braids out of your little girl’s hair. Then twist them slowly around the base of the braids, creating a bun on each side of her head. This is a perfect look for anyone with thicker hair, as it will accentuate the fact that she has a lot of hair. Another great thing about this easy hairstyle is it will give your little girl a bubbly and fun look!

2. Create Cornrow Braids – Fabulous and Stylish

Cornrow braids are a traditional sort of hairstyle for the black community. It’s a beautiful and stunning way of styling hair. You might have been considering creating the same sort of cornrow braids out of your little girl’s hair. If so, why not give it a try? After creating the array of cornrow braids, you will be able to create so much more out of them. You will be able to create french braids out of your girl’s hair for an even more stunning look! Then make sure to add a few decorative elements, such as beads or cute hair ties to it.

3. A Cornrow Ponytail – Cute and Intricate

We have already mentioned creating cornrow braids out of your little girl’s hair! It definitely brings a unique sense of style to any hair, so make sure to try it out! If you have already had your little girl’s hair braided in such an intricate and interesting way, why not create a ponytail out of them? It’s definitely an easy way to style her hair each morning! Add a ribbon or two to the ponytail, make sure that the colours of the ribbons match the outfit.

4. Natural and Gorgeous – African American Little Girl Hairstyles

While we have already talked a bit about creating cornrow braids or just simple braids, why not opt for something more on the natural side? After all, if you have beautiful curly or frizzy hair you should be showing it off to the whole world! That’s exactly why we have chosen this hairstyle to represent a more natural side to black hair. Flatten out the roots of your daughter’s hair. Leave the rest of her hair naturally curly or frizzy and just simply tie it up in a ponytail or bun! It will look fabulous!

5. Back to School Hair – Funky and Unique

Here is another stunning hairstyle for little girls with curly or frizzy hair! It’s all about gathering your little girl’s hair and creating a funky mohawk out of it! Use hair clips to fixate the hair on both sides of your little girl’s head. This will not only keep her hair in place but will also keep it straight! Allow the rest of her hair to curl from the front of her hair all the way to the back in a line. Just check out the example above to see how awesome it will look!

6. An Array of Buns – An Adorable Look

Another cute hairstyle idea for little black girls is to create an array of buns.  We’re not talking about only one or two buns, but at least ten. Separate your little girl’s hair into smaller ponytails all around her head. These can be smaller sections of hair. After creating these small ponytails, it’s time to twist them and pin them down into buns. The array of buns should cover all of your little girl’s head. This hairstyle will look perfect for summer!

7. Trendy and Terrific – Cute Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Check out this trendy hairstyle for little black girls! It’s not only super easy to create, meaning it will take no time at all, but it’s also adorable! Separate your little girl’s hair into at least ten strands of hair. Use small colourful elastic hair ties to create ponytails out of them. Then it’s time to add even more hair ties to her hair. Line the ponytails with an array of hair ties, which will make her hair look like bubbles. This is a perfect hairstyle for school days!

8. Bohemian and Fun – Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Perhaps you are in search of a fun and bohemian hairstyle for your little girl, which will add some funk to her everydays! As we have talked about this before, why not have some cornrows created on your little girl’s hair. Instead of having her hair from top to bottom in cornrow braids, only have the hair close to the roots braided down. Leave the rest of her hair out in natural curls and tie it up into a ponytail. To add some extra beauty to her hairstyle, you can add some colourful ribbons, running through her cornrows into her ponytail.

9. Big and Beautiful Braids – Lovely Ideas

Here is another fabulous little girl hairstyle idea if you want to leave your little girl’s hair all natural! Instead of creating cornrow braids out of her hair, create two big braids on both sides of her head. Two simple braids will look absolutely beautiful using naturally curly or frizzy hair. It will make her hair look thick and healthy! This is a great hairstyle to create if you are going to a more elegant event with the family, but it’s also great for school days!

10. Add a Head Scarf or Ribbon – Cute and Pretty

An amazing and easy way to uplift any sort of look is by adding an accessory or two! Why not try out a headscarf or a ribbon? You can simply tie it around your little girl’s head, letting her hair out loose. This will look wonderful and the great thing is there are so many sorts of patterned headscarves or ribbons. So you will be able to find one which matches her style!

11. A Cross Braid – With a Bun

If you have been looking for a more elegant hairstyle for your little girl, then check this out! It’s a bit more complicated than a simple hairstyle, but it’s totally worth creating it! You will have to create two braids, which run across each other creating an “x” shape. Use up all your little girl’s hair for this idea. When you get to the bottom it’s time to create a bun by joining the two braids together. Then tie a ribbon around the bun as a special effect!

12. Creating Unique Shapes – Cornrow Braid Ideas

Have you been thinking about creating cornrow braids for your little girl? If so, you can try out a different design, meaning they don’t have to come down in straight lines. Why not try having unique shapes and patterns created all over your little girl’s head? This can mean creating heart shapes or swirls. Then gather the hair at the ends of the patterns and create braids or ponytails out of them. You can add a few beads to the braids or ponytails as an extra accessory.

13. Adding Some Beads – Easy Hairstyles for Black Girls

Maybe you are in search of a way of sprucing up your little one’s hairstyle. Does she already have cornrow braids running across her head? Then here is an easy and simple way of accessorising it! Attach beads to the ends of the braids. You can get beads in her favourite colour!

14. A Crown Braid – Gorgeous and Unique

Here is yet another beautiful hairstyle, which will look perfect on any little girl! Create a crown braid for her! You can achieve this by creating two braids and fixating them around her head with hairpins, but even one long braid will do the trick!

15. Braids and a Bun – Looking Awesome

Are you in search of a hairstyle for your little girl which will show everyone her bubbly and vibrant personality? Then take a look at this! Create two braids using the front of your girl’s hair. Then, make two buns at the top of her head using the rest of her hair! Your kid will look absolutely fabulous!

16. A Chic Style – Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

We have talked quite a lot about cornrow braids. After all, what’s not to like? They look super chic and stylish! So try out this cornrow braid idea! Start all of the braids from one point of her head, creating a very unique and creative design in her braids.

17. Swirling Cornrow Braids – Add a Few Bows

Here is yet another idea involving cornrow braids! Create unique patterns using the cornrow braids. You might decide on creating beautiful swirls all around her head. Then using the ends of the cornrow braids, create two buns, one on each side of her head. Add some adorable ribbons tied into ribbons as accessories! We guarantee that she will love this hairstyle!

18. Diversity is Beautiful – Celebrating Gorgeous Hair

Your little girl’s hairstyles should be a celebration of her natural hair every day! If you like this, make sure to check out this hair idea! Create one or two braids on the top of your little kid’s hair, you can add a bead or two. Then tie it all up into a ponytail, leaving her hair naturally curly and frizzy!

19. Perfect for Short Hair – Low Space Buns

Create a few cornrow braids on the top of your little girl’s head. The braids should meet into two buns, one on each side of her head. If your kid has naturally frizzy hair which is shorter, then you won’t even need to tie down her hair into buns. Her hair will naturally transform into two low buns! This is also an amazing hairstyle for medium hair for teens to try out!

20. Leave Out a Few Curls – Cute and Bubbly

Here is a super cute hairstyle which will make the bubbly and happy personality of your little girl shine! Create two top buns out of her hair which is super easy to do! Leave out a few curls of her hair at the front, creating the look of a fringe!

21. Three Cute Buns – Afro-American Toddler Girl Hairstyles

Why only create one or two buns out of your little girl’s hair, when you can have three? Check out this super cute hairstyle idea as it incorporates three cute buns sprouting from your kid’s head. To add your own, special twist to this hairstyle, why not accessorise the buns with bows?

22. Half Braided, Half Out – For an Amazing Look

Create cornrow braids at the very top at your little girl’s head. Instead of braiding them all the way down, pin them down with cute hair clips. Then let the rest of her hair out and loose! It’s an awesome way of styling a little girl’s hair.

23. A Top Ponytail – Fabulous and Fantastic

Here is yet another fabulous idea on how to style your little girl’s hair. Create a ponytail, using only the top part of her hair. Tie a ribbon around it as a special effect. Leave the rest of her hair out in gorgeous curls! This hairstyle is easy to create and perfect for any day of the week.

24. A Chic Top Bun – Glamorous Hairstyle Ideas

Perhaps your little girl has long curly hair! If so, then give this stylish look a try. It’s all about creating a top bun on the top of her head, using only part of her hair. Then leave the rest loose and out! This is another hairstyle which will make her look glamorous and stylish.

25. Going for Straight Hair – Cute Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

While your little girl might have naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair, why not try out something new? For example, using a straightener, straighten out her hair for a day or two!


We trust that this pick of 25 little black girl hairstyles has helped you out in finding something awesome. For other ideas, such as easy little girl haircuts, visit our website.