Discover 10 Cute Flip Flops Ideas For Under $5

Summertime is around the corner again, so we can wear our cute flip flops with shorts, and crop tops. There is no doubt that flip flops have been choice footwear for summer enjoyment. The rubber soles prevent foot burning, what’s more, the open tops allow feet to breathe in the hot temperatures. But you can make them even cooler with the following 10 DIY ideas! 

Beaded Flip Flop Straps

Everyone knows that flip flops are comfortable but if you have cheap ones, they are not very fashionable. That’s why it’s time to make them prettier! Check out this tutorial if you would like to have beautiful beaded flip flops in summer.

Project Details: trinketsinbloom

“Beach” Sandals

 A no-sew project and create a relaxed flip flop that looks like it just walked off a beach. Because really, that is where I wished I just walked off of.

Project Details: themotherhuddle

 Discover 10 Cute Flip Flops Ideas For Under $5