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The Perfect Locations to Place Floor Mirrors in Your Home


Mirrors are like contemporary artistic pieces— they can complement literally any type of home setting without much ado. However, the key to perfection lies in the exact location inside the house where you would want to place your floor mirror. Picking the best option for the right space can be a bit of a struggle; however, over-thinking isn’t going to help it either. There are only a few specific protocols that you should obey when choosing the appropriate mirror to reach the desired outcome.

How to use floor mirrors inside the home?

Believe us, by following these basic guidelines, you are going to feel much more confident about your decorative mirror placement choices. Here are our top tips for choosing and setting the right mirror for any set-up.

Picking a mirror as per room 

Living Room 

When you think there is no place for a shoddy, synthetic-framed full-length mirror in a living room, you are probably right. Yet a huge dual-width full-length mirror set in an ornately carved wooden case or silver-gilded framework is a definite ‘do.’

Over a mantle

Several floor mirrors could be used over a mantle in luxurious and expensive living room settings, thus maximizing ceiling height and adding aesthetic appeal to the whole space.

Trumeau floor mirrors supposedly work just fine for such arrangements by offering a traditional touch. However, in case you are looking for more opulent options, you may consider going with ornate French full-size mirrors encapsulated in shimmery gold frames embellished with the details like Rococo.

Artistic lean

If you are inclined towards making the use of a full-length mirror more functional rather than just artsy or ornamental, go with the ‘lean-back’ mirror options that can be positioned safely against a bare wall in your living area.

A subtle lean is usually preferable to installing a floor vanity mirror at this low elevation that can sometimes look too out of place, especially in a living space. An elegant looking leaned mirror bestows a natural sense of aesthetics. Blending it with a desk or centrepiece in front often makes the setting look more cohesive and functional rather than giving an impression of utilizing the living room briefly for mirror assembly.

Dining Room 


When so many cafes and bars are making liberal use of floor mirrors in their interiors to amplify the impact of lamps and candles to elevate the ambience, why not apply the same concept in the residential dining spaces too?

Not only the mirror placement would save your guests an unwieldy embarrassment of using the back of the spoon to check them out, but it would also serve as a perfect means of making your dining arrangement look more opulent and classy.


If a floor-length mirror has one natural setting, then it is the bedroom area. Still, factoring one in can be difficult, particularly when you’re already struggling to accommodate it alongside other prerequisites such as a bed, dressing, and side tables.

Try an easel

One way of making it less of a strain is to set up a floor-length mirror on a countertop and tilt it in one of the quarters of your bedroom area.

Attach to the closet doors

Another alternative to counter the space constraints is to mount a floor mirror on the front side of the closet doors— or simply purchase a cabinet having mirrored-front doors. One of the key advantages of choosing this option is the possibility of building mirrored walls.

Why can we not place floor mirrors anywhere?

No matter how exuberant or classy these floor mirrors tend to look, yet they can’t be placed at just about any location. Here are a few typical examples of floor mirror positioning blunders that you must avoid.

Placing against walls in front of windows

While your heart might be set on positioning your newly acquired mirror on a wall that happens to be in the opposite direction to a window, it is sensible to bear in mind where the sun comes up and sets, and how it is going to influence the everyday activities inside your household.

Of course, you wouldn’t want an annoying glare in your face as you wake up and settle down to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. However, if the space is low on traffic, you may still consider this placement. First, bear the functionality in mind and decide accordingly.

Avoid impractical locations 

Refrain from placing mirrors in areas where you (or your guests) might be feeling uncomfortable.

Most of the people feel rather awkward having a floor mirror positioned right in front of their beds where they could see themselves. Besides, being on a toilet seat finishing the usual business or in the tub taking a bath, the majority of the individuals would feel pretty weird having a mirror in the front.

Hence, it is crucial to think over and scrutinize the places before going ahead with the mirror placement.