The Mental, Physical, and Social Benefits Of Woodworking


You can find yourself in many situations that could cause you a lot of stress that makes you struggle to sleep at night. It can be hard to turn off your brain and stop thinking about everything you have to do next week or your work schedule.

Many people could decide to go take medicine to help them with anxiety or letting it take a toll on their mental health. Work life and personal life are not always easy and you will always deal with hardship as the days go by.

One of the things that have helped people heal during hard times is woodworking. Woodworking has started to rapidly grow as a hobby or a leisure activity for many people, since instructional videos such as TedsWoodworking made it possible for beginners to learn how to work with wood and create their own projects.

Working with wood can help you mentally, physically, and socially. Here are the benefits of woodworking:

Keeps your heart healthy

Woodworking has the ability to relieve stress and lower the blood pressure, which is extremely great to improve the health of your heart. It can also fight off stress hormones by focusing on building with wood.

Improves your math skills

When working with wood, you need to have math skills so the project comes out great. Woodworking involves a lot of measuring, cutting, and weighing things to complete a project. You will start to develop excellent math skills to make everything fit, get it right, and have the project look exactly how you wanted it to look.

Makes your body stronger

Building, carrying, holding, sawing, drilling, and fastening require a lot of body strength to finish a wood project. Woodworking will keep your body strong, as well as improving it.

You will start to notice that you have built muscles and increased your balance, as well as coordinating with your eyes and hands. The best part is you will be creating projects as you exercise.

Great for your mental health, your mood, and to remain sharp

Developing woodworking skills and choosing it as a hobby can dramatically help with your mental health. When you find yourself stressing or feeling depressed, you can immerse yourself in woodworking tasks.

It also improves mental sharpness, since working with wood requires you to properly use the equipment and that forces you to concentrate on the project and feeling accomplished when you finish each task.

As you enjoy woodworking, your brain will start to release the chemical that makes you happy, also known as serotonin.

Brings a community together

There are many communities who love to gather with other people who enjoy woodworking. You will find a local community that will support you and teach you new skills to improve your wood building projects.

If you happen to be an expert, you can offer woodworking lessons to members of your community and your neighbors to join in on creating a project that you can donate to your local charity, church, or school.