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Most Precious Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts


A golden anniversary is a milestone for every couple who have been married for 50 years. For such a special occasion, couples will often celebrate with a party to thank family and friends for their love and support over the years. Many of the gifts for the couple will be made from the precious metal gold or include the colour gold in some aspect to acknowledge the achievement of half a century of togetherness. Gifts are precious for the thought behind the choice. Handmade gifts add in extra effort to make a gift personal and unique. Here are the most precious golden wedding anniversary gifts.

Gold roses

Combining the most romantic flower with the precious metal that represents the 50th anniversary will be a gift to treasure for a lifetime. A 24 karat gold rose created from one picked at the peak of perfection and then dipped. This can be displayed at home as a daily reminder to a couple of their romantic love for each other and how this has sustained them through fun times and challenges.

Photograph album

DIY anniversary gifts are precious because they are made with love, with time and effort willingly given up to make something unique. You can create a photo album with pictures that chronicle the marriage and all they have achieved together. If family members want to organise this, creating an online album where others can add their own photos and stories about the couple will be special, particularly since there are likely to be events the couple have forgotten over time or may not have previously known that an action they took had such a profound effect on another. The album can be printed in a leather-bound copy to enjoy at home.

A handwritten letter of love

Set aside time to write a heartfelt letter of love to your spouse. Write this by hand for a personal touch and a reminder of your younger years. You can dedicate a poem to them and gift this in a gold frame for your dressing table. You could etch your names on a piece of driftwood or other material that is a reminder of a vacation in your marriage.

Framed wedding vows

If you’re looking for a traditional paper first wedding anniversary gift or a sweet, simple and easy to make Valentine’s Day gift, look no further. This Framed Wedding Vows would certainly fit the bill. It’s such a thoughtful and sweet gift to give to your significant other.

Timeline of love

Writing a brief history of your relationship up until your anniversary is the perfect way to let your spouse how much you respect, admire and love them. Remind them of the times they were strong, supportive, loving. The times you knew you were blessed in the relationship. This reflection could simply be annotated photographs if you are not keen on writing. Take one photograph from each year that is of the two of you and make a scrapbook that you can treasure in the years ahead.

Love vouchers

Many couples choose to limit the number of gifts they exchange, focusing on one main gift and filling in with smaller gifts they share between themselves. One of these DIY ideas is a book of love vouchers that can be used at any time in the year ahead. The couple may like to make vouchers for each other, with fun and playful ideas. Ideas can include a massage, breakfast in bed or try out a new hobby together whether salsa dancing or pottery.