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Ideas to Redesign Super Luxury Bathroom That Enhance Property Price


When you are investing in a bathroom refurbishment project, you’ll want to ensure that it is not only pleasing to the eye but also add value to your home.

Whether we admit it or not, bathroom moments are precious, it is where most of the intimate moments take place. So the bathroom should be functional and designed for optimum comfort. Now! Would you like some bathroom redesign ideas? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re here! Whether you want to make a small bathroom upgrade, or you’re going for complete bathroom refurbishment, renovating your bathroom will make a huge difference in the feel, aesthetics, and value of your home. This is why home décor experts take the bathroom space seriously. Choosing a new bathroom look isn’t always easy, but hey! We have gathered some helpful tips to help you through this journey without hassle.


Use large bathroom tiles instead of the smaller one

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Tile is a common feature for bathroom designs and rightly so because they’re easy to maintain, easy to install, and of course, they look nice. Installing large tiles in your bathroom will make the space look and feel larger because of the fewer grout lines compared to small tiles with a lot of grout lines. The grandiosity of these large tiles will also give your bathroom a more luxurious feel, you can also install these large tiles on your bathroom wall to give your bathroom a sleeker look and reduce cleaning time.

Minimizing grout lines is not the only good thing about large tiles, they also help you create a functional, crisp, elegant design, and a seamless look.

Large tiles are what you need to make your bathroom space appear fabulous. These tiles reduce visual interruption because they require few grout lines, use large tiles to maximize your bathroom’s floor plan while creating a sumptuous and cohesive look. Using large tiles in a horizontal manner will create an illusion of a larger space and will make your bathroom walls feel taller and exaggerated.

Install Frosted Glass Frameless Shower door

When you’re redesigning your bathroom, there are several bathroom enclosure options to choose from; there’re sliding doors, shower curtains, framed glass doors, and the frameless shower doors. All these options are great for different reasons but the best option for your bathroom is the frosted glass frameless shower doors. Apart from its unmatched aesthetic features, it will also increase the value of your home by 3 to 5%.

Frameless shower doors have no seals around them, so they reduce the number of places water can hide, making it almost impossible for molds and mildew build up around your shower.

Frameless shower doors allow the floor and distribution of light in the bathroom. An appropriate flow of light is important in the bathroom for performing our daily routine. Bathing in a dark space will make finding the shampoo, soap and other bathroom valuables a bit difficult. But with frameless shower doors, the reverse is the case as it allows the uniform flow of natural and artificial light into the bathroom.

The frameless shower door is also very easy to maintain. I am sure you’d agree that the bathroom is one of the most difficult places to clean but with frameless shower doors, you only need to squeegee the door and typically remove the dirt with gentle scrubs.

The frosted type of glass shower door is just what you need if you want a certain level of privacy in your bathroom. This type of shower door will preserve the privacy and functionality of your bathroom.

Install a large LED mirror behind the hand washbasin


Generally, mirrors in the bathroom are common, but picking the right mirror for your bathroom will stand your bathroom out from the crowd. People spend hours in front of their bathroom mirror trying to look their best – with LED mirrors, you will only need just five minutes as it gives you a clear and bright picture of yourself. Trust me, picking a mirror that makes you happy is what you need and the best mirror option for this job is a large LED mirror.

LEDs are known to be energy efficient because they produce more light with less heat and energy. LEDs are also very bright and will help your make-up and shave effectively. LED light mirrors will create an eye-catchy spot in your bathroom and fit in any bathroom design.

The best spot to install your large bathroom LED mirror is behind the hand washbasin. The hand wash basin is mostly placed in the center of your bathroom side-wall and that central position is also the best spot for your LED light mirror.

Must use glass shelves with towel hanging bar

The bathroom is where we clean-up so you should expect it to be messy and often cluttered. Irrespective of your bathroom size it is important you have a spot for your toiletries, towels, and cleaning products.

Add simplicity and functionality to your bathroom by installing glass shelves with towel bars – they’re very easy to install, easy to clean, and they’ll give your bathroom a touch of class. For home décor experts, elegance and unique style is an important décor trait and what better way to give your bathroom a classy elegant look if not by installing a sleek looking glass shelve? Glass shelving is not just a perfect décor solution; it is also a utility solution for any living space.

An appropriate storage solution is an important ingredient in creating an organized yet stylish bathroom. Bathroom glass shelving allows you to take advantage of empty wall spaces while displaying a nice décor and keeping clutter to a minimum level.

Final thoughts

The above bathroom décor tips will help you improve the look of your bathroom and increase the price of your house. Trust me, it is not as difficult as you think – with just a simple bathroom fix here and there you’d be surprised how nice your space will turn out to be. But hey! You’re not alone in this, with Fab Glass and Mirror, your bathroom décor problems are a thing of the past. This company specializes in top quality glass and mirrors manufacturing and supplying and can help you achieve an undeniably aesthetic bathroom look that you will be proud of. Get in touch with Fab Glass and Mirror now and thank me later!