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Hotel Interior Décor Ideas That Will Amaze Customers and Improve Overall Rating

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Have you ever thought about why it feels different each time you enter into a hotel lobby?

It is the ambiance and the interior. The interior experts design the interior of the lobby and entrance in a way that makes a mesmerizing effect on your mind. The light, furniture, curtains, indoor plants, and even the carpets are there just to make you amazed.

The hotel managers have an obvious objective behind it; the more you will be in love with the decor, the more you will visit there. Materials like glass & mirrors, wall décor, and wood finishing are used to create such alluring decor.

However, there are numerous other ways to amaze the guest so that they will return with friends and family. Let dig into a few of them.

Amazing Chandeliers at the Middle of the Entrance & Reception Area

Chandeliers have a majestic ambiance while keeping a mystic light tone. Therefore, a chandelier in the middle of the entrance or reception makes a guest feel like a royal.

Research on human psychology revealed that the human mind feels a unique combination of tension and tranquility under such mystic light. No wonder, the guest will start making a plan for the next trip while stepping into the reception.

Large hotel lobbies set up massive chandeliers to add both light and look. On the contrary, medium to small-sized hotels use modern chandeliers that are designed to create a soothing combination of light and shadows along with a retro look.

Beautiful Plexiglas Fish Tank with Amazing Natural Pieces of Gemstones & Aquarium Plants

Water and fishes have a calming effect on anyone. When you see an aquarium in the lobby or reception area, it makes you feel relaxed and feel positive about the hotel. How great is that?

It is super easy to make the aquarium of any size with Polycarbonate. This impact-resistant polycarbonate sheets can be cut to any extent to make the aquarium of your dream. Polycarbonate comes in a wide range of qualities and clarity. However, you can even bend and shape this high-quality glass replacement.

Use glue to attach the pieces of those coloured acrylic sheets and make the aquarium. Now colored Pisces will swim inside those pieces of colored acrylic sheets.

Royal Carpets Can Ease Down Walking Towards the Reception

Like a chandelier, carpet has a royal ambiance too. Besides, it also has a calming effect on our minds. Have you ever noticed that a fluffy carpet always gives a homely and comforting feeling?

It is evident that, if a guest found a comforting and homely environment in a hotel, it will be his destination for the next trip. What makes this magic? The fluffy fur of the carpet.

Market research found that a guest takes the final decision while covering the distance between entrance and reception. If the hotel management can slow down the walk using a comforting carpet and diverse guest’s mind towards the tranquil interior, the battle is won over the mind.

As a manager, you can be sure that the guest will spend the entire vacation in your hotel.

Hotel Brand Name Must Synchronize with the Color of Wall Paint


Branding matters the most in modern-day marketing. We are literally flooded with diverse branding approaches throughout the days and at night. From colossal billboards to tiny toothpicks, branding is everywhere.

If a hotel can merge its branding with the interior, the combination will be an irresistible one for any guest. Think about the branding and interior of the world-leading hotel brands. The design of the entire hotel is aligned with its branding.

The most obvious one is the wall paint. Luxury hotels will not choose green or blue as wall color, but they use a shade of white that makes them most vibrant and visible.

Bright is Always Right

More light means more energy. This is one of the reasons why we open up the curtain in the morning. To revive our home and ourselves.

Hotels with large windows influence the guest with an energetic vibe. Moreover, the brighter interior seems more precious. This is one of the reasons why relatively smaller hotels always keep larger windows in the rooms, lobby, and reception.

Massive-sized glass windows can be a bit expensive. Nevertheless, there is always an alternative. Clear like glass but more shatter-resistant acrylic plastic.

The transparent surface of this extruded acrylic has more impact strength than glass. So, out windows will be safe from any accidental shattering. White or lighter color walls with large windows will make a multi-dimensional effect on the mind to make any room feel larger and spacious.

Does it make sense why Holiday Inn uses shades of white on the wall? Both for branding and brightness.

Wooden Wall Sheets behind the Reception Area

We all love a rustic touch. Especially when we are on vacation. The sense of time traveling and the touch of history makes us nostalgic and attracted to the place.

As a hotel, it is essential to provide this sense to the guests. Therefore, you will find colonial furniture, Victorian-era painting with the picture frame, and wooden interior in some boutique hotels.

It is not cheap to bring that feel on the wall. A wooden wall will cost a lot. The most efficient solution for the hotels is using a wooden wall sheet behind the reception area. This is the most affordable solution to bring a luxurious as well as a nostalgic environment in the hotel interior.


Let’s Wrap Up!

There are numerous ways to improve the hotel decor and make it appealing to the customers. Modern-day interior designers and architects use a wide range of materials like metal, plastic, Plexiglas, wood, and even wallpaper to enhance the look of the hotel interior.

Marketing and branding play a vital role in deciding which method will be the most appropriate for a particular hotel. However, the methods we have discussed can easily be aligned with the branding and can also improve the overall experience of the guest in the hotel.