DIY Writing for your House Decoration


Modern design is rapidly advancing and brings new interesting trends into the interiors of residential rooms and public facilities. One of these current trends today is lettering — a new fashion trend in the field of decorating. The art of writing ordinary words in beautiful letters has found its place in design.

Pictures with motivational phrases, aphorisms, and other meaningful sayings can adorn the cabinets, desks, walls, and more. Modern design solutions involve the use of lettering as an original decoration. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular and creative ways to decorate the interior with letters, phrases, and compositions with lettering elements. And if you have any troubles finding the proper phrase, you can always consult the writing service

How to make letters on the wall with your own hands

A special advantage of decorative letters is that you can make them yourself from improvised materials. For this purpose, a piece of fabric that has long been gathering dust on the shelf in a chiffonier, paper from packing boxes, wire tied with colored thread, and even artificial flowers will get a new life in such an unusual bouquet.

There are many techniques for creating letter decor. Depending on what skills you have, you can, for example:

  • Make numbers and letters out of cardboard;
  • Cut out of plywood, plastic, or plastic foam;
  • Make them out of fabric;
  • Knit;
  • Make it out of salt dough;
  • Make it out of papier-mâché;
  • Write the desired text on a chalkboard.
  • Or just print it out on a printer and frame it.

Your imagination will tell you how to decorate a three-dimensional or flat letter. Use colorful buttons, luminous paint, scrap paper, pages from magazines, shells, pine cones, dried leaves, and other gifts of nature. At first glance, simple and ordinary things will make a handicraft into a unique art object, which will give the right emotional direction to the entire interior.

Full Wall Lettering

Ideally, it’s better to have it lettered by a master calligrapher on demand. But you can try your hand at calligraphy by painting the wall with slate paint, which makes the surface look like a school blackboard. It’s a great option to try new styles and diverse your interior.

Inscriptions on bottles

A decor option that’s almost free to make. You have to take dark wine or champagne bottles, remove the labels, and paint them with a special white marker, white acrylic paint, or any other white paint. You can use a stencil or let your hand write as it turns out. If you want, you can cover the top with a fixing varnish, but it is not necessary.

Lettering on the window as an alternative to winter and New Year’s decor

Instead of the usual pre-New Year snowflakes, you can cover the windows with cozy lettering or lines of poems and songs about winter. Special paint for glass is easy to remove once the holidays season is over.

Neon Lettering on the Wall

The idea is not new but still not beaten in residential interiors. To bring it to life, you need a more or less blank wall (ideally, if it is brickwork) or at least enough distance around the inscription so that it is not lost. Neon lettering is not suitable for every style of interior. It suits modern styles — loft, high-tech, or minimalism. Basically, you write using a wire and LED lights.

By template

Manufacturers offer a mass of the most diverse templates, and it is easy to find a suitable one among them. With the help of such a device, it is simple to apply text on the wall.

It is easy to use: the template is attached to the wall, fixed with scotch tape or pencil glue, and the cut-out holes are painted over. After the paint dries, the template is removed, and the letters remain on the surface. Such a method allows the inscription of any complexity to be applied quickly and accurately, without errors, runs on the painted or wallpapered wall.

If you were unable to find a desired one among ready-made templates, you could make your own. To do this, use letters printed on an A4 sheet connected to the desired phrase.


Wood is the material that looks appropriate for any room, decorated in almost any style: from classic to loft. The most advantageous and harmonious inscriptions made of wooden letters fit into country, eco, or ethnical style.

Wood allows the realization of any ideas. Letters can have clear angular or rounded contours. They can be covered with lacquer to emphasize the texture and natural wood grain, painted, artificially aged, incrusted, or illuminated. The inscription can consist of separate letters or be connected with each other.

You can make simple letters yourself, using a jigsaw, and it is better to order them from a specialist to create complex carved letters as it requires special tools and the appropriate skills.