Design resources for your Christmas marketing campaign


Christmas is a favorite season for many people. It is widely associated with kindness, forgiveness, and commitment. These values need to be integrated into your Christmas marketing campaign if you want to make it work. How can you do it? At Master Bundles, you will find a lot of elements that might contribute to the visual attractiveness of your design project. You can also use some alternative resources to create interesting brochures, bright website headers, cheerful cards, and many more.

Brush fonts from

Using brush fonts is required to establish priority, make emphasis, and give the right hints to the audience. Being excellent attention grabbers, brush fonts are more efficient than system fonts. They let you give your personal touch on your Christmas marketing campaign. At, you can find a lot of brush fonts that can be edited upon request. This way, you can make your message more powerful and memorable.

Christmas cards, elements & patterns on the web

Whether you are looking for Christmas invitation cards or Christmas decorative patterns, you will find a wide range of fantastic options on the web. From classic red and white to modern cheeky, you’ll definitely find the perfect match for you. Some resources offer packages with Christmas elements at a reduced price or even free of charge.

While you are muddling through various festive designs, you should focus on the characteristics of available patterns. These may involve general measurements, colors, and visuals. These criteria can be decisive for the final choice.

Animated Christmas effects from Werble

If you are looking for something special for your holiday project, you should consider animated effects from Werble. Just take a look at some excellent effects for Christmas trees, snowmen, and other decorations. To make the creative process easier, you can cover Christmas from different perspectives.

Christmas designs for social media from Canva

Social media happens to be a great platform for marketing purposes. If you decide to decorate your Facebook or Instagram account with Christmas elements, make sure to use ready-made designs. At Canva, you can find a lot of templates for social media posts. You could apply any of them by adding your own image and text. For example, if you don’t like to use an image offered in the template, you can replace it with a new one.

Christmas stock videos edited at Filmora Go and Vlogit

While developing Christmas marketing campaigns, you mainly focus on visuals. What if there is an opportunity to use some video content? No need to say that your design would look more vivid with this kind of element. On the web, you can find a lot of Christmas-themed videos. Meanwhile, Filmora Go or Vlogit will help you adjust the selected video content to your needs and preferences. Whether you want to cut it into parts, add some text, or change the music background, you will be able to do it with these smart apps.

Background images from Upslash

If you need a cool Christmas background for your marketing project, Upslash is the best place for the search. All images published feature the do-whatever-you-want license. It means that you are allowed to take the whole visual content and use it for business and personal purposes.

Christmas marketing campaigns require a special approach. They can’t be treated abruptly as this may have a negative impact on the final success of the campaign. Every single element should reflect on the festive atmosphere. To make everything right, you should consider using one of the above-mentioned resources.