Bedroom Decor Tips For A Small Master Bedroom


No matter how small your master bedroom is, it can look still amazing and help you sleep better. Having less room simply requires more creative thinking. You can achieve any type of master bedroom decor you desire, even within a tiny space.

When you are approaching your bedroom decor redesign, first off think about the style of bedroom you are trying to achieve. Some of the most trendy small master bedroom decor styles include minimalist bedroom decor, elegant decor, and country-style decor.

It is the small details of bedroom designs that allow you to create a unique ambiance in the room. But before you dive into the fun details, you need to put some focus into the core elements of the bedroom first, especially if you don’t have too much space to work with.

First up, think about the mattress and make sure it is a memory foam mattress (we’ll discuss why shortly). The style and size of your bed will have a lot to do with how much space you have and the comfort of your small master bedroom. The color of the room is equally as significant when it comes to arranging more space in a small master bedroom. And lastly, before getting stuck into the decorations, you need to get the bed frame right – and not just the size of it! In a small master bedroom, it can help if you also select a bed frame that allows for storage as well.

Select The Right Mattress Size

No matter what look you are going for in your master bedroom; you need to have the most comfortable mattress. After all, the bedroom is a space for sleep. We spend one-third of our lives lying in our bed, so it should really be an item we invest in. The best mattress must not only help you sleep better but also protect the body from unnecessary aches and pains.

It is no secret that an uncomfortable mattress leads to sleeplessness and back and neck pain. If you lay on a lumpy, unsupportive surface for 8 hours each night, you are bound to experience stress in your muscles and joints that can negatively impact your energy levels and agility during the day. That’s when you need your energy most!

Before we tell you everything you need to know about mattresses sizes for small bedroom decor, let’s talk about memory foam. In recent years, memory foam has been widely considered as the best mattress to sleep on. You might be wondering why there is so much hype about this best-rated mattress? Well, technology advancements in the production of luxurious memory foam have led to an increase in comfort, support, and quality, and a decrease in price.

You no longer have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for an industry-leading mattress. Better yet, you no longer have to deal with pushy salespeople who try to upsell you with fancy mattress jargon.

Memory foam is so good because it contours to the body, supporting your muscles and joints with every movement. Memory foam also isolates motion, making it a top pick for couples who share the bed. Motion isolation absorbs movement in the bed, so if your partner moves, you won’t feel a thing!

Now, onto mattress sizes. If you are working with a small space, do not get a king size mattress or a california king size mattress. It fills your bedroom, leaving less space for other bedroom furniture and decorations that will allow you to add personality to the room.

The best mattress size for a small master bedroom is queen size. You and your partner will have enough space for quality sleep, and when you upgrade to a memory foam mattress, you will sleep better than ever.

Use Light Colors

Dark colors have a terrible habit of making a small space seem even smaller, and that’s the last thing you need in a small master bedroom.

Whether you are going for elegance, minimalism, or retro look, light-colored walls will still work a treat with any design. White, cream, beige, or even light blue if you’re seeking a pop of color, will increase the space of the room significantly. Plus, lighter colors create a calm and tranquil ambiance, which is essential for rejuvenating sleep.

As well as light colored walls, select a colored rug and light-colored bedding. When you do this, your bedroom will feel open and inviting.

Ensure Your Bed Frame Fits

Once your mattress matters are taken care of, put some thinking time into how you will frame your bed. From a tiny master bedroom, large, stocky bed frames are a big mistake. If you think about it, the purpose of your bed frame is to support your mattress, or provide storage if you need it.

The selection of your bed frame should focus only on these factors. You will obviously need a queen mattress for a queen bed frame. For minimalist decor, a highly popular option is a foundation metal bed frame. These bed bases do not have stocky headboards or side frames that take up precious floor space. They have an industrial style look with plenty of room beneath the bed to store away extras.

For elegant bedroom design, you can’t look beyond an adjustable bed frame for comfort and purposeful use of space. Adjustable bed frames are motorized, with the ability to adjust the back and leg height of the frame for complete relaxation. They also have massage features and additional extras such as USB charging ports for unparalleled luxury. An adjustable bed frame is suitable for a small space and is perfect when you want a statement piece of furniture for your bedroom.

When you have the essentials sorted, the real fun starts with personalization. Hanging lighting, fresh plants, a beautiful chair or ottoman, and a gorgeous piece of artwork are all ways to add personal flair to the design of your small master bedroom to make it your own.

There is no doubt that we all need to sleep better. You can do this and also fall in love with your sleeping space no matter how big or small your master bedroom is. Never let the size of your bedroom hold you back from creating a place for hibernation and relaxation that you are genuinely proud of. It’s time to get decorating!