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Bathroom redecoration trends of 2021


Every year, we see new, exciting trends and styles emerge, letting us admire the stunning ways in which they get implemented into homes across the country. This time, we’re focusing on the bathroom and the current designs to inspire you with your redecorating; here are We Buy Any House’s most popular bathroom styles of 2021!

1. Black tones

Before now, the standard colour choice for bathrooms was white, a classic, clean colour that provided an easy neutral ground for anyone to then furnish their bathroom in any style with no risk of clashing. Now, however, we’re seeing the exciting introduction of black in bathrooms, and we absolutely love it! From small features and accessories to shower frames, the monochromatic effect is beautiful and makes any bathroom really stand out.

Black bathrooms can feel like a big leap for some, and isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be altered to fit your preferences, giving you full control. If you’re not prepared to go all-in with such an intense colour, you can start with black towels, a matching bath mat, and something like a black-edged mirror to bring the colour in without being too extreme. You can then add more to this if you want to down the line as you get more and more comfortable with the style!

2. Spa-like vibes

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home than usual, and as there have been limited facilities open, a lot of us have missed being able to go and experience some self-care. Because of this, we’ve seen people bringing the spa-style into their homes, and the key to it is in the bathroom. The focus is on the open space and bathrooms that offer room to relax in them, so they don’t feel cramped. Waterfall showers are also a very popular addition in new bathrooms, both looking and feeling spectacular, adding extra style.


Self-care has become even more important over the last year to keep us feeling calm, so a lot of bathrooms are now stocked with things like bath bombs, face masks, and hair care products to replicate that spa pamper in the safety of our own homes.

3. Leafy greens

Plants have become a very popular addition to almost every room in the house, and the bathroom is no exception. Whether you’re a fan of big leaves and brightly coloured flowers or prefer smaller, more subtle succulents, there’s a plant for everyone to add some excitement to your bathroom.

The bathroom is a great location for plants with air-purifying qualities, too, letting them clean the air and keep it fresh. You can buy pots for your plants that match your colour scheme, so they fit in seamlessly and have as many or as few plants as you like; often, plants become a bit of a mini obsession for a lot of people, so before you know it, you may be adding to your collection every week and developing quite the green fingers.

4. Hollywood mirrors

These mirrors are stunning, so it’s no wonder that they’re trending. Mirrors are essential in any bathroom, but the bigger, the better; mirrors will help to make rooms look larger, which is always very desirable in a bathroom. Hollywood mirrors are especially popular due to the lighting surrounding them, giving them a look of luxury. They give the room a beautiful glow as well and will have any bathroom feeling classy!

Backlit mirrors are also hugely in demand at the moment, especially those that can be personalised – some of them have special LEDs on the rear, which allows the user to change the colour depending on mood, to add an incredible glow to your bathroom. These are really fun and a real eye-catcher to anyone visiting!

5. Basin sinks

These sinks have been all the rage this year, and it’s no wonder when they completely transform a bathroom to make it look modern and exciting with just a new sink. There’s a huge range of sinks available to ensure that you can find something that matches your style perfectly – whether you like a more traditional style or want to go all out and really dive into the modern trends, these are the way forward.

You can pair them with waterfall taps which complete the look, but they also look great with standard mixer taps, giving you more flexibility as to how you want to design your sink area. You can also play with the size, meaning they work in both smaller and larger bathrooms without looking out of place.

6. Tiles – the bigger, the better

Tiles have always been a necessity in bathrooms, but the sizing will change, and we thought that we’d seen it all from tiny tiling to larger ones – but this year, we’re seeing tiles bigger than ever before, and they look absolutely incredible! Working best in fully tiled bathrooms, this trend is one to remember as we can’t imagine a time that it wouldn’t look amazing.

These tiles make rooms look bigger, so they are a perfect choice in smaller bathrooms and can be in a range of colours to suit your taste. From white with touches of grey marble to deep blues, they all look fantastic and have been giving us some serious bathroom envy.

No matter what your style, there’s a trend that can work for you, allowing you to personalise it to design the perfect bathroom. We cannot wait to see what other new trends come out in 2021!