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19th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved One


Looking for something special to give your beloved on your 19th wedding anniversary? Read the article to surprise them with the perfect gift to make his special day more delightful.

Your 19th wedding anniversary! You have come a long way together. Make the day more memorable by celebrating it gorgeously. Spoil your spouse with special gifts to make them smile throughout the day. If you are confused about what to offer, this article is written for you. Check out the discussion below and get the best gift ideas to make your beloved shine more brightly on this special occasion.

The Best Gifts for a 19th Anniversary

There are several gifts to offer when it is someone’s wedding anniversary. Choosing the right one is the trick to make your beloved one feel special. There are three main categories to choose from when giving a gift to someone on their 19th wedding anniversary:

Modern Gift – Bronze

Bronze is a durable metal. For this reason, it is popular for making musical instruments, ships’ propellers, and electrical contacts. People love to use this metal in artistic sculptures, minting coins, and making medals. It is also well known for its usage as a modern gift as well as a traditional gift to offer for the 19th wedding anniversary. It indicates your relationship is beautiful, tough, and long-lasting.

Flower – Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum symbolizes devoted love, loyalty, joy, and long life. It is used in the USA and UK as the traditional flower of the 19th wedding anniversary. Their beautiful petals make them an ideal part of the bouquet. Presenting them in a bunch can be a wonderful idea too. In Spain and Italy, honeysuckle is the flower for the occasion.

Gemstone – Aquamarine

The gemstone aquamarine means ‘water of the sea.’ It has the color of a tropical sea when the day is sunny. It was once used as a lucky charm by fishermen and sailors. Nowadays it symbolizes healing, courage, friendship, and love which goes perfectly with a committed marriage.

Gift Ideas For Him

Now we know the 19th year anniversary gift categories that will help us to pick an ideal gift. But the question remains: “What will be the best gift to offer?” To reach the answer, go through the points below and get acquainted with several ideas to surprise him with the best gift ever.

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze is a wonderful medium for sculptors. They love to produce modern figurines or replicas of ancient artifacts by using bronze. Surprising him with a romantic bronze sculpture to express your feelings can be a great idea. A modern yet rustic sculpture can be an ideal anniversary keepsake for your loved one.

Luxury Bronze Watch

For men’s watches, we usually like to pick the ones made with metals like steel or titanium. Bronze timepieces stand out as novelty gifts. They are durable and stand out more for their unique color. He will love to add it to his best collection. It will make him remember you every time he wraps it around his wrist and sees the time.

Aquamarine Clothing or Accessories

You do not need to limit your aquamarine gift to a gemstone. Accessories and clothing that are made of a beautiful shade of blue can be a great alternative. They might look fantastic on your other half. You can choose from different options like bold, bright shirts to understated silk ties.

The Thrill of Adventure

If your partner is outdoorsy and into adventure, then offer him a heart-racing thrill. Let him enjoy mountain biking or racing. You could even surprise him by sending him on a helicopter ride. The sky’s the limit! Make him happy by giving him the dearest thing he loves.

Bronze-Inspired Cologne

The qualities and colors of bronze are inspiring to perfumiers in many ways. They use them in the colors used in the packaging or in naming and crafting fragrances. If you don’t want to give an actual piece of bronze, cologne can be a good option. Pick a good one that your husband will love to wear.

Art in the Colors of Aquamarine and Bronze

A painting or print with aquamarine or bronze colors can be a wonderful gift if he is an art lover. If there isn’t a nice one available at your local gallery, you can try commissioning a piece from the artist you admire. Surprise him with something unexpected as well as luxurious.

Gift Ideas for Her

If you want to honor your wife for having a mature and precious relationship with you for a long time, pick something special for your 19th wedding anniversary. Some best gift ideas to offer your beloved one are here for you.

Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is a popular stone for its dazzling beauty. There is no shortage of bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings that feature this beautiful stone. Finding the ideal one that goes with her style and personality is the trick here. A gold chain with raw aquamarine can be a gorgeous option to start with.

Bronze Jewelry

People love to pick gold or silver when it comes to jewelry. Your 19th wedding anniversary gives you the perfect opportunity to explore bronze. The earthy tone of bronze jewelry can make her shine more. It will be a bold yet elegant gift to offer. She will love your thoughtfulness.

Bronze Candle Holder

A bronze finish candle holder can be a creative way to bring modern tradition into your 19th-anniversary gift box. There are many designs to choose from like quirky holders, classic candlesticks, or simple yet stunning Moroccan-style candle holders that come with a laser-cut fretwork. You might like to add a luxury scented candle with it to avoid giving an empty holder. It may set a perfect mood for your romantic anniversary date with its sensual fragrances and warm romantic glow.

Bronze-Framed Mirror

A bronze mirror can be a great choice to surprise her. It will add a touch of style to your home as well. A bronze-framed mirror can let your partner shine more brightly if she prefers the earthier color. It can indicate who you are in love with and who is the most special person to you in the whole world. It will definitely be a great idea to touch her heart emotionally.

Chrysanthemum Embroidery

Chrysanthemum flowers are a favorite and well-known subject among the embroiderers in the East and West. This traditional flower inspires a gift with a difference for the 19th wedding anniversary. Give your loved one something that features embroidered chrysanthemums to convey your love and loyalty. It might be a piece of clothing or a framed item, such as the stunning navy silk Japanese yukata. This kind of gift will be appreciated very much.

An Aquatic Fragrance

The aquatic family of fragrances is suitable to wear anytime, anywhere. The clean, refreshing scent can be a wonderful 19th wedding anniversary gift to offer. Women love this type of perfume especially when it comes from a very special person.

Memorable Gifts for Couples

This special day can be heartwarming and unforgettable for you both if you spend the day solely giving company to each other. There are several things you can do together, such as:

  • You can spend the whole day with your spouse and turn the day itself into a gift. Plan watching movies together and having dinner afterward. Make the night romantic and memorable.
  • A romantic day out can be a simple yet fascinating memory for the coming years. Strolling together through the park and having your favorite ice cream, exploring art galleries, visiting a local museum, or having a simple lunch at a cafe can be another great idea to celebrate your 19th wedding anniversary.
  • You also may like visiting the sea together or enjoying a countryside picnic with your beloved. Having a trip to never forget can be something really romantic and special for you both.

Wedding anniversaries are one of the most important and special days for married couples. You cannot just waste the day thinking about what to do to make it unforgettable. Plan beforehand and turn it into an opportunity to make your bond tighter. Celebrate it by sharing gifts and making each other happy. Let them know how precious they are to you. Assure your spouse that they are always on your mind and they are someone who can never be replaced.